Jail cell

Is your loved one involved with the justice and corrections system?
How do you help them when you are in shock yourself?
Our group members are going or have gone through the same life changing experience.

Check the links above for more information about how our group may help you as you navigate the complex, puzzling and frustrating justice and corrections system.  Visit our CURRENT ADVOCACY CAMPAIGN.

Accused of a Crime

No one is ever prepared for having a loved one accused of a crime. The media attention and public scrutiny can be overwhelming. How do you navigate this extremely emotional time? What do I tell my family, friends and co-workers? How do we arrange bail? What is a surety? Why are conditions placed? If your loved one is retained in a remand centre, how can you arrange visits and keep in contact with them? Our members have experienced this intense pressure and find the support of our group very helpful to them.


If your loved one must serve time after the legal/judicial process is complete, then there is much you will have to navigate. How do you arrange visits? How do the telephones work? Can I mail letters? What is the 30 day box? How do I avoid false positive hits on the ion scanner? Can other family members visit? We have some answers that may help you throughout this process.


Finally, your loved one has been released on parole or sentence completion. Now what? How do you help them reintegrate into the family? There may be parole visits, conditions to follow and additional services may be required. Will there be barriers to employment? When will my loved one be able to apply for a record suspension? The pressures on family members are still not over. We can help you navigate the final stretch.