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Correctional Service Canada –Home Page

Correctional Service Canada
This section of the website contains the forms required to visit an offender. This includes the Visitor Application, Child Safety Waiver and Consent for Private Family Visits.

Correctional Service Canada
This section of the website contains full information about Personal Property.  Annex B: Personal Property for Male Inmates and continue scrolling to Annex C: Personal Property for Female Inmates.  Regarding the 30 day box, inmates can submit a request to the Warden for an EXTENSION to the 30 day box.  The Warden can accept or refuse.

Parole Board of Canada – HomePage

Ombudsman Ontario
The Ombudsman is an independent officer of the Legislature who investigates complaints from the public about Ontario government services. Complaints go to this office for offenders serving in provincial correctional facilities.

What Sureties Need to Know 
This official website from the office of the attorney general explains the responsibilities of a surety.

Elections Canada
Outlines voting procedures for incarcerated citizens.

This section of the handbook for Peace Officers explains the procedure for arrest without warrant in the event of a suspected breach.

Report on Correctional Services in Ontario by the Ombudsman – very interesting reading!

Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services

Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC) –

PBSC is a multiple award-winning law student program that provides legal services without charge to organizations and individuals in need in Canada. Available at the University of Ottawa.

The Correctional Law Project —
This is a specialty legal clinic at Queens University, Kingston funded by Legal Aid Ontario. It provides legal advice and representation to prisoners in the Kingston area penitentiaries on all prison law issues including parole. 1-613-546-1171

Bail and Release from Custody —
This is the website of criminal lawyer Ron Jourard. It explains the process of becoming a surety, eligibility and liability.

Legal Aid Ontario —
Provision of legal services for low-income citizens. Brochure available from MOMS.

University of Ottawa Community Legal Clinic —
Law students, supervised by lawyers can offer advice on a variety of issues. Brochure available from MOMS.





Mental Health and Substance Abuse Websites

Ottawa Public Health –

Direct link to overdose prevention, specifically with drugs such as fentanyl and other opioids.

SMART Recovery Ontario —
(Self-Management and Recovery Training) This group helps people recover from all types of addictive behaviors. Groups are available all over Canada including a number in the Ottawa area.

From Rollercoaster to Recovery —
A guide for families and individuals navigating the addictions and mental health system in Champlain. The Family Advisory Committee provides the family perspective to ensure that families will be considered as partners in the treatment, care and recovery process.

Ottawa Addictions Access and Referral Services —
A starting point for people 16 years and older who are concerned about their substance use and want to understand and discuss treatment options. Brochure available from MOMS.

Oasis Harm Reduction Sandy Hill Community Health Centre —
– harm reduction based on housing first initiative. Brochure available from MOMS.

Harvest House —
The Mission of Harvest House Ministries is to rehabilitate young men who are chemically dependent, to instill in them self-discipline, and to reintegrate them into society by an inner change brought about by faith in Jesus Christ.

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Canadian Families and Corrections Network (CFCN)

CFCN runs a support group in the Toronto area in conjunction with Friends of Dismas.  Their website has a significant number of links to support groups across the country, as well as many publications of interest to families. They assist families affected by criminal behavior, incarceration and community reintegration.

Dad HERO project (CFCN)

The project is designed to educate and teach dads about parenting, how children grow, and why their children need them.  It starts with an 8-week parenting course that will be offered in the medium and minimum institutions of Dorchester Penitentiary (NB), Archambault Institution (QB), Collins Bay Institution (ON), Saskatchewan Penitentiary (SK), and Pacific Institution (BC) over and over again. From there the men will move into a Dad Support Group in the prison that will meet regularly to keep them connected about something positive – their children! The project will also offer a Dad Support Group on the outside – to continue to help men in the releasing communities of Moncton NB, Montreal QB, Kingston ON, Prince Albert SK, and Abbotsford BC.  This group is for dads who have been in jail, federally or provincially in the past, to focus on community parenting issues.

Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada

A nationally-registered charitable, non-profit financial literacy and credit counselling organization working closely with transition programs like Elizabeth Fry and The John Howard Society.  They provide free financial literacy resources, workshops and seminars and access to free credit counselling assessments. There is a toll-free number available on each of these resources that will connect directly to confidential counsellors.

  •  This is an online self-service financial literacy resource that offers access to financial literature covering over 30 various life-stages and events as well as financial calculators and also offers an open channel through which users can reach out to speak with a certified counsellor 6 days-a-week during their hours of operation.
  •   This is a standalone contact form; when a user completes and submits this form we’ll have a credit counsellor reach out to offer free credit counselling, typically within the first hour after submission.

The John Howard Society —
Multiple services include reintegration, bail verification and supervision, pre-employment training, employment services and housing. Brochure available from MOMS.

The Elizabeth Fry Society — 
The Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa is an agency devoted to helping women and female youth who are, or may be, at risk of coming into conflict with the law. A variety of different programs and services are offered to provide women with confidential and supportive living environments. Brochure available from MOMS.

MAP — Mentorship-Aftercare-Presence

Through providing hands-on support, encouragement and empowerment for those who are reintegrating into society, we are enabling people to redirect their lives and become productive, dynamic members of the community after they leave prison.

Smart Justice Network of Canada — 
Smart Justice is based on the simple idea that the best responses to crime improve safety, support victims, protect families, reduce re-offending and involve communities.

The Criminalization and Punishment Education — CPEP
Project brings students and researchers from Carleton University and the University of Ottawa and community members together with those affected by criminalization and punishment to develop collaborative research projects, as well as plan and carry out related public education initiatives.

Canadian Civil Liberties Association
The Canadian Civil Liberties Association is a national organization that was constituted to promote respect for and observance of
fundamental human rights and civil liberties, and to defend, extend, and foster recognition of these rights and liberties.

Circles of Support and Accountability —
Assists individuals who are deemed at high risk to re-offend sexually as they reintegrate into the community. Brochure available from MOMS.

Salvation Army
Offers a variety of services and programs including Adult Pre-charge diversion programs, transition house, pastoral care and street outreach. Free transportation to Kingston facilities for families is available. Call 613-234-7256 and leave voice message. (There is always a wait list.) Brochure available from MOMS

Prison Fellowship

Prison Fellowship Canada is a national organization that has served in prison ministry for over 30 years. We are compelled by our faith to do the transforming work of justice for those affected by crime in communities across Canada in an unforgiving era. An interdenominational Christian organization with volunteers across Canada, we are a member of Prison Fellowship
International, which has 117 ministries around the world.

Connecting Ottawa —
This project aims to improve access to justice for people who are not proficient in English or French. Brochure available from MOMS.



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Parole Book
The long awaited Parole Book to assist families in this part of the journey.

Visiting a Loved One Inside?
This is a handbook for people visiting a prisoner at an adult correctional facility in Ontario.

Time Together:
A Survival Guide for families and friends visiting in Canadian federal prisons.

How to Talk to Children about a Loved One’s Incarceration and Strengthen Parent-Child Relationships.  This pamphlet has practical ideas about explaining incarceration of a parent to children.

Times Up – PDF
This toolkit is for families who have faced the incarceration of a family member, those who have committed a crime and those who want to understand family reintegration following incarceration in a correctional facility.


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Fed Phone Line —
FedPhoneLine is a telecommunications service that allows loved ones to save money on expensive long distance calls by providing local virtual numbers to call instead of making long distance calls.  If your loved one is trying to call you but indicates that their calls are not being put through, double check to see that your own phone service is not blocking unknown numbers or callers.

Canada Relink Call2Talk — 
Provides jail telephone services in Canada. Advertises a flat rate per month of $59.99 + HST in ON and QC or per minute rates.

Canada Relink Call2Talk OCDC —
Provides jail telephone services in Canada. Advertises a flat rate per month of $59.99 + HST in ON and QC or per minute rates.


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